MKV Train


Here’s a fairly new strain that you can’t find everywhere. MKV Train is a new development among Canadian cannabis genetics, and as an emerging strain, it’s pretty rare. It has some complex genetics. MKV Train is a three-way cross between well-known strains Trainwreck and MK Ultra, combined with one lesser-known hybrid called Jasmine. MKV Train is a heavy-hitting indica-dominant mix. Crowned with a heady sheet of trichomes, MKV Train hits like a locomotive and will leave you ripped.MKV Train derives its potent effects from its rich genetic line. MK Ultra is an old-school indica named after a CIA mind control program. Trainwreck is a legendary hybrid, an amalgamation of all the best traits landraces can provide. Last but not least, Jasmine just may account for the “it” factor with this strain. It’s a cross between the well-known Super Silver Haze, and a nearly unknown strain called Golden Boy. Each of these strains are fairly indica-dominant. MKV Train inherited the sedative, relaxing high that indicas typically possess. As a result, it’s a great end-of-day strain. Smoking too early in the morning may just disrupt any plans you had for the rest of the day. Its parents have a part to play in MKV Train’s appearance, too. It’s a reflection of its genetics, channeling the bright, happy green buds and proud orange pistils that MK Ultra, Trainwreck, and Jasmine all exhibit.

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